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Our Wellness Collective

Marcia Hoffheins - Yoga + Life Coaching

Meet Marcia.





Are you ready to get back to being the most powerful version of YOU that there is?


Great, Me too.

I'll see your power and potential coming before you even get your first hug from me. I believe in the power of living life from your soul.

I believe that each one of us are able to live our biggest most abundant lives and be EXACTLY who we are meant to be. I'm here to guide you, to  help you break through the noise and live your life on your own terms. 

You can join me for yoga, workshops and 1:1 sessions!


Visit Marcia's website:

To contact her directly - Message her now

Deanna Korpf - Reiki and Health Assessments

Hi I’m Deanna Kropf

I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Bioenergetic Practitioner and former fitness instructor of over 20 years. My goal is to encourage others in achieving their optimal health, happiness and wellbeing through balancing their mind, body and spirit.

Having one’s body in balance and harmony creates and overall healthy lifestyle. If you’re tired of feeling tired, suffer from puzzling health issues, or need practical advice on resetting your health and lifestyle I can help!


I will utilize the results from Bioenergetic Testing to create the overall best solution in doing just that. By opening the blockages and allowing the energy to flow through your body, it will bring one to quintessential health.  


Let your wellness journey begin!

Christa D’Egidio - Physical Therapy

Meet Christa!

Christa D’Egidio is a physical therapist and West Virginian. In 2021, she founded Limitless Physical Therapy to help the active adult STAY active and mobile. Her mission is to serve God through unparalleled effort and support in the local community. To empower and provide trustworthy and clear guidance to active adults, so they can generate freedom from pain and sustainable lifestyle change — one body, one generation at a time. 


When she is not in the clinic, you can find Doc Christa enjoying the outside by hiking, kayaking, fishing, or camping. She loves being with her fiancé and their 3 dogs.


To find out more about Doc Christa and Limitless Physical Therapy, visit her website

To contact her directly: Message her here.

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